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        The Certified Professional Florist program is dedicated to bringing a standardized, professional level of knowledge and expertise to those in the retail florist industry. As a Certified Professional Florist, you will bring a new standard of quality to your work by demonstrating your professional expertise and passing a certification process.  

Whether you embark on certification yourself, or are sponsored by an employer, you must apply to the CPF program. You will receive a manual and you may study as long as necessary to prepare for the examination. To become a Certified Professional Florist, you'll need to pass both a hands-on and written examination.

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Certified Professional Florist is proud to be announced as an AIFD Education Partner! In order to enroll in AIFD's Certified Floral Designer (a stepping stone to receiving an AIFD Certification) a designer must first successfully complete one of the five education base pathways and "Certified Professional Florist" is now recognized by AIFD as an approved pathway. See the official AIFD certificate. More information is available on the AIFD web site at aifd.org.

June 5, 6 & 7, 2015 - Principles and Elements of Design Class- Details...

June 14, 2015 - Certification Testing- Details...